Obedience should be fun but also challenging for your dog. Your dog should love the challenge, learning, and mental stimulation each session provides. Our team of dog trainers in Washington DC will provide expert dog training at your house, in our facility, or at special locations; either individually or within group training sessions.

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Aggression is not a natural state of mind for any dog. Our Washington DC dog trainers love working through aggression. It is quite fulfilling to witness the transformation of an aggressive pup into a happy dog; free from their burden. Aggressive dogs are looking for a way out and we our dog trainers can help them.

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Separation Anxiety

A common concern with dogs, which is also one of the most rewarding problems to solve, is separation anxiety from their owners. The goal of our dog trainers in Washington DC is to provide your canine the assurance he or she needs to behave when alone and feel secure. Let us help and give your dog back his or her confidence.

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All of our dog obedience programs include working through each issue that your dog may have problems controlling. Our team of Washington DC dog trainers believes your dog’s behavioral problems are correctable, and we will show you how. Say goodbye to your dog’s bad behavior, and hello to a well behaved pup once again!

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Having control of your dog means a great life for your dog.

Going for relaxed walks

It is way more fun for your dog to walk with a loose leash and enjoy the fresh air and scenery!

Going to Restaurants

How fun it is to take your dog to dinner with you! Control makes it happen.

Playing at the Park

How cool is it to be able to let your dog play at the park and enjoy life!

Getting the right Attention

Be able to give your dog LOTS of love for the right things!


The D.C. Dog Wizard is a dog training company located in Washington, District of Columbia. Our purpose is to make people’s lives easier and dog’s lives better. Email with questions and to sign up for a no charge evaluation at info@dcdogwizard.com or call 202-459-0999. To see photos of the DC Dog Wizard dogs in training please visit: https://www.facebook.com/DCdogwizard/.

All programs require that you sign up in advance.