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The D.C. Dog Wizard is a dog training company located in Washington, District of Columbia. Our purpose is to make people’s lives easier and dog’s lives better.

Countless abandoned dogs sit in shelters because of their behavioral problems and about 1.2 million are euthanized a year according to the Humane Society. If provided with the proper training, many of these dogs would become more than just manageable companions for their owners – they would become content and enjoyable company as well. We believe that all dogs should be given a fighting chance to reach their potential to be great companions and to be loved and happy. Our training techniques developed through years of experience, education, and collaboration with numerous professional dog trainers have proven effective in helping to accomplish this goal; this motivates us to continue doing the work that we do as the D.C. Dog Wizard trainers.
Often times, we see dog owners who routinely accommodate their unruly dog at their own expense. Our job is to teach you and your dog how to manage your relationship with ease and satisfaction by creating a line of healthy communication. We use a system of commands to accomplish this goal; just simply being able to rely on your dog to come when you say “come” can make life drastically easier for you in addition to safer for your dog.
The command training will instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in your dog as you step up to become the leader you were meant to be for your dog and they succeed in their training. This can mean that you can take more walks with your dog, take your dog to more places with you, and even spend more time with your dog and family.
All of our dogs that complete training will be what we call “off leash” trained. This is guaranteed. In order to answer your remaining questions about what training entails and how it would specifically benefit your dog, we offer free evaluations.

We provide our services mainly to the D.C. Metro area.

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