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Our-PhilosophyWe believe that each dog is different just as each human being is different. Different methods of training can prove more or less effective depending on the dog. That is why we have educated ourselves on all established methods and integrate this knowledge when appropriate based on your dog.

Our own unique method of training at the Dog Wizard is what we have found to be most effective in various circumstances and settings. For instance – the goal is not just to teach your dog the “come” command, but to ensure your dog understands that it must be listening for your voice or watching for your command in any calm or anxiety producing environment. So part of training will be to practice commands in all types of triggering environments.
We know some special dogs are used as guides to those hearing or sight impaired or for protection; paradoxically, our duty to our adopted animal friends is to be their leader in the same way. They are unable to communicate or comprehend certain situations in their lives and unless we teach them to look to us as their leader and protector many dogs become anxious, confused, frustrated and even aggressive. The command training will instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in your dog as you step up to become the leader you were meant to be for your dog and they succeed in their training.

Since the owner plays a vital role in the success of any dog-training program, it is important for you to take this training opportunity to educate yourself about your dog, to ask questions, and to always follow the instructions given on how to successfully do your part in the training. If you have any questions or concerns during training we advise you to contact your trainer directly who will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns for the life of your dog.

For more information on our DC Dog Training Programs We look forward to working with you and your dog!