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Aggression Rehab

Aggression does not come naturally for a dog. So, it is a correctable behavior. This is another issue we love working through because dogs are so much happier once they are free from this burden. Our initial assessment will include understanding “why” your dog is reacting aggressively. There are several types of aggressive behavior (see…
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Rescue Rehab

It is always rewarding to rescue a dog and see their development with the rehabilitation process. According to the Humane Society, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized a year. Luckily, dogs are some of the most resilient creatures on earth so we see many successful rescues where dogs go from being neglected and sheltered to happily…
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Group Class

Every DC Dog Wizard client that goes through a program is automatically enrolled in free group lessons for the life of the dog.  To attend, you must be a Sarasota Dog Wizard graduate.  Check calendar for class dates and times.
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As your dog’s trainer, we will team up with you to diagnose your dog’s weaknesses and then work to solve and prevent future problems. Below are just some examples of problem/solution situations we work with: AGGRESSION IN YOUR DOG  Aggression is a correctable behavior because it is not a natural state of mind for a…
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