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My name is Becky Burns and my husband Ken, and our three children, are the proud “parents” of a Black Lab/Collie
Mix, Bradshaw. He was born in October 2012 and was a surprise Christmas present to the kids. Growing up, I never
had a family pet and was very hesitant about bringing in an animal into our home. When we first got Bradshaw he
was extremely rambunctious. He loved to jump on people, jump on furniture, run from us, and chew on everything in
sight. We weren’t able to take him to public places and we weren’t able to leave him unattended. Our crate training
and potty training were very successful, fortunately for us we have a very intelligent dog and he learned very quickly,
but it was the other “social and behavior” issues we struggled with. Our youngest is 3 and often times Bradshaw would
run and jump on him and knock him over. We also struggled with using a leash  and often times it was impossible
to take him on walks. It was behavior like this that we needed to find a solution or Bradshaw wasn’t
going to be able to stay in our home. Because of Nick, we now have a new dog!
Nick took Bradshaw for a couple weeks, has made multiple follow-up visits to our home, and is routinely checking
in on his progress. I admit, I was very reluctant and a bit skeptical that this “dog training” would have lasting effects.
Well, I have to say, we have a new and much improved dog! He is extremely obedient, follows commands, sits, stays,
comes when called, plays catch, doesn’t jump on strangers, and we are able to leave him alone without worry of him
detroying our furniture. We can also walk him off leash and he stays right by our side. The children enjoy their pet so much more!
We are, and will forever be grateful to Nick for training our “fourth child!” Bradshaw is such a joy now and we are thrilled to
have him in our family!
Best of luck,
Becky and Ken Burns,