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We sent our 7-month old puppy, Maya, with Nicholas Jones for 2 weeks because she was having several behavioral issues. She was jumping all over our furniture and taking her on a walk was a nightmare! Walking quickly became a chore, instead of a pleasent stroll around the neighborhood. When Nicholas brought her back, she was like a new dog!! We can now walk her with no leash at all! If she ever decides to jump on the furniture all we say is “off” and she gets right down. She listens so much better! If we put her in a command such as “sit” or “down” she does not move until we release her. Nicholas watched her for us when we went away recently and she was so excited to see him!! When I saw her get so excited with someone who is not a family member, we knew she had a great experience with Nicholas. I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone with a new puppy or a dog with behavioral issues. Our dog is truly a much more enjoyable part of the family after her training, Thanks to Nick “The Dog Wizard”

Brenda Drummond,