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My dog is a six year old rescue German Shepherd who was aggressive towards other dogs. Lunging, pulling on a leash, hair rising, the whole works. I came to Scott, the DC Dog Wizard, after already going through two dog trainers and after being either flat out turned down on the phone by others or lectured about different styles of training. Not only did Scott accept the challenge of training my GSD, but he brought his own dog, a boxer, to the very first lesson. I was very apprehensive about my dog meeting his, given my dog's history, but Scott managed the whole situation and by the end of the FIRST lesson, my dog was sitting calmly next to his dog. We continued working through our sessions and during the last session, I found myself in a dog park with dogs loose off leash all over the place, walking through with my dog as if nothing was happening. I feel a lot more confident with how to handle my dog and about being around other dogs now. Scott did more in those 6 weeks than all the trainers combined did before. I am planning on returning to Scott for an intensive at home boarding and training program that he offers. I am 100% confident in his skills. Highly recommended!!!

Eva R,