coed in funny stockings drilling like a pro.

Our German Shepherd, Kodiak, went through The Dog Wizard's puppy preschool and training programs in order to establish a language where we could better communicate with him, as well as to figure out what makes him tick so we can work his brain. As a high energy dog, Kodiak needs the mental stimulation and that's just what Scott has provided him. He loves when we go out of town because he knows he gets to go stay with Scott and work and play until he's dead tired, just to get up the next morning and repeat it. He always comes home happy, exhausted, and with a sense of confidence that makes that consistent training so much easier - a lot less frustrating to work with a dog who is eager to learn! Scott and The Dog Wizard are absolutely awesome, and we'd recommend them time and time again; and I know Kodiak would, too!

Gabrielle Jayne,