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I have an eight year old Austrailian Cattle Dog that is very, very dog aggresive. This was a huge problem becasue I was going to be combining households with my signifigant others dog, an 8 pound Morkie (Maltese / Yorkie Mix). I attempted to socialize them together a few times with very little success. Normally once dogs work out the hiearchy, they will usually be fine, however the Morkie was so small that this process could severly injure, or even kill him. I contacted Scott and after an intial evaluation, he determined that we should board my dog with Scott's "Pack" for intense training and socailization. Scott picked him up, he was going to be staying with him for two weeks. I was extremly nervous that my dog might injure Scott, or one of the other dogs but Scott is a professional so this would never happen in my opinion. I went on vacation while he was boarded, but checked Facebook upon arriving in Mexico. I was shocked to see pictures of my dog taking treats from Strangers and running with other dogs. It was a slow process, he was muzzled most of the time, but still major progress for him. I later saw pictures of him in parks, in Pet Smart, and doing various training exercises muzzled and un-muzzled. The pictures and the videos really helped me to feel connected to the process. Scott brought him back to me with an explanation on how to use the training collar, and some basic instruction on how to continue the training. He also returned when we needed additional instruction on how to socialize the two dogs together, and after walking them together for a few weeks, and keeping the little dog for five consecutive days, they were fine together. There is still the occasional push or snip (on both sides), but It gets better every day. They actually snuggle together now which I never thought would be possible. I highly recommend Scott and his services. He really cares for the dogs, and his a keen insight on the way they think.

Marcus Mills,