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My husband and I, who are “seniors”, have always had dogs in our lives. Our children
are grown and our last dog died a year ago. We vowed to never get another—too painful
to lose. And here we are with a new Rescue puppy! What can I say? But it was clear when we got a 7 month old rescue that we were in need of expert help

So we solicited the help of Nick at the Dog Wizard! We took a leap of faith and sent our puppy, Dixie, to a two week stay with Nick. We had no idea what to expect when our rambunctious Dixie was returned to us. We were elated to discover what a miracle Nick had accomplished!
In just two weeks, Dixie had learned to sit and stay in place, walk at heel without being overcome by distractions (other dogs, squirrels, children), and to obey the clear commands that Nick taught us. In such short time, she moved from a boisterous
and unruly puppy, to a delightful and controllable companion, despite her young age.
Nick was calm and clear in his commands to her, and she responded with respect
coupled with affection. She eagerly greeted him in our follow up sessions, a clear
testimonial to the fact that Dixie was treated well with a firm but gentle approach.

We could not be more pleased with the results of Dixie’s training with Nick. We would recommend him as a trainer with absolute enthusiasm.

Ann & Gary Murphy (retired Lawyer and Educator),