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To all potential clients of Nick Jones and The Dog Wizard,

Nick quite literally saved our dogs life.  Approximately a year and a half ago my husband and I decided to rescue a puppy from the local shelter and provide it with a good loving home. So we adopted a small brindle male puppy that the shelter predicted was a boxer. At the time, we also had a 12 year old female Sheppard. The family was delighted with our new puppy “Roscoe”.

A few months went by and we noticed that Roscoe was very dominant to our older dog. Roscoe became so overbearing that she was anxious of every move she made. Ultimately we had to move her to my brothers home so she could have a calmer environment.

Roscoe soon began some additional disturbing traits including bolting out of the house at the first opportunity and chasing anyone he saw. Roscoe was very quickly becoming a large (70 lbs. plus) menace.

We enrolled Roscoe in a dog day care to expose him to other and possibly more dominant dogs to see if we could his behavior. The dog daycare agreed to take him. Unfortunately, during an overnight stay, Roscoe did quite a bit of damage to the facility (destroyed a drain, ripped out electrical outlets, tore holes in the drywall and was aggressive to a few other dogs etc.) The owner said he was not welcome back unless we brought him every day to allow him to work with him. We did so for a few months, however two dog biting incidents allegedly occurred at the facility, the owner labeled Roscoe aggressive and dangerous. He was kicked out of the dog day care.

Given Roscoe’s label of aggressive and dangerous, the fact that we children age 11 and 7 and his propensity to bolt out of the house, we were burdened with the ultimate decision to put Roscoe down.

Before making that drive to the veterinarian, we did some research and came across The Dog Wizard. We had a preliminary discussion with the staff there and brought Roscoe in for an evaluation. That was an incredibly eye opening experience. After working with Roscoe for a half hour or so, Roscoe had some new labels including “intelligent”, “highly trainable” and “NOT aggressive”. We signed up for The Dog Wizards Obedience class and a few days later Nick showed up at our door to pick up Roscoe.

Two weeks later and lots of texts and pics of Roscoe as he trained and improved, Roscoe was delivered back to our door fully trained! WE WERE AMAZED! Today, Roscoe is a loving happy 80 lbs dog that we all enjoy and love so very much. He is fully off leash trained. We take him to parks, markets, gas stations, trails, outdoor dining areas and he never wears a leash. He sits, lays, heals and stays in place all with a simple verbal command. And he certainly never bolts out of the door. He loves to play soccer outside in our unfenced back yard and is no longer distracted by folks passing by. We can trust him to follow any commands given (that’s if they are even needed).

Without Nick and The Dog Wizard, Roscoe may not be with us today. Because of Nick, we have a wonderful family dog that will give us joy for many years to come. Thank you Nick!


Tazbah and Gary Eakin

Tazbah and Gary Eakin,