coed in funny stockings drilling like a pro.

I can’t say enough good things about Nick’s work training my 2-year-old, female, rescue mix Karma and 11-year-old, Cocker Spaniel boy Koal. Karma was afraid of her own shadow and skittish of EVERYTHING — including me — even after 1.5 years in my home; she also had started attacking Koal at all times when they were together after these two were tighter than tight for the first six months Karma was with us in our home. Koal is the mellowest, sweetest, lover dog in the world; this situation had to stop.

I was astonished at the work done to train them both appropriately! I could only imagine a peaceful home again — and now we have it! Many thanks to Nick and The Dog Wizard for their training of my dogs. Very impressive!

Kudos and paws up!

Ginger Sprinkle,